About The Adaptive Behavior

The Adaptive Behavior aka TAB was founded in the summer of 2016 by Phoenix, AZ Branding Specialist, Collin Land. The vision behind TAB was to create a fashion photography magazine that highlights aspiring creatives and provides them a platform to express, showcase and acknowledge their work and how it stacks up against industry peers around the world. TAB will feature photographers and designers of all facets through multiple media outlets and is open for feature request submissions via email.

The name “Adaptive Behavior” stands for exactly that. Being able to adapt and change on a day to day as individuals without fearing the unknown, but looking at it in the face and overcome. Staying cognizant and or aware that without growth there is no progression and with no progression we become stagnant and comfortable and when we are comfortable it doesn’t allow for our minds and given abilities to reach its full potential. We must be aware that as young people, the world will soon be if not already on our shoulders and it will be up “us” to shape our futures and the ones that will soon follow.

“Be true to yourself and the things that you love without cheating the feeling process of life”

— Cee Elle