The Lovely…Lonely…Lady – Portraits by Cee Elle

The gallery above was inspired by the feeling of loneliness and the consistent struggle of playing but not always feeling the part. Everyday I go through life hearing and being told about the superficial “things” that are supposed to make people happy. You know,  things like having a sexy lady on your arm, the nice car or having an abundance of friends and being the center of attention. All that is great — I’m not against it one bit. I’ve actually experienced all those things and plenty more and enjoyed myself doing it. But at the end of the day I found myself feeling non authentic or doing things because I felt it was right or it was what other people wanted. I guess in a way I lost a sense of self or better put “lost in the sauce.” It’s a weird path to go down because it was uncharted territory and I had to dig deep to truly find what was important to me and what made me happy. It wasn’t like I hit rock bottom or anything to that extent but more along the lines of priorities, ambition and trust.  When those 3 things finally aligned I was able to have clear head and understand purpose.

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