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Mado Photo By Madeleine Schaffner (@mado.s.photo)

Meet Fashion/Wedding Photographer Madeleine Schaffner

The Adaptive Behavior is huge advocate for creative talent, especially when the creative is based out of the hometown Phoenix, Az. For our first feature we will be taking a look at the very talented photographer behind Mado Photo, Madeleine Schaffner. Specializing in wedding and fashion portraits, Madeleine takes pride in creating stunning and unique photos that her clients can treasure for a lifetime. In doing so, Mado Photo has some of the best compositions and lighting that we have seen based out of Phoenix. Another game changer for Mado Photo that sets them part would be the post production work, If any are even needed. Every image that is produced is well lite and pretty spot on when it it comes to the exposures.

Madeline has landed her work in online publications such as Elegantmag,  Foxglove (once known as Blum Magazine),  Anon Magazine, and has collaborated with 10+ brands and over 20 websites. I guess it’s safe to say Mado Photo is becoming the staple for high quality, professional images for fashion inspired shoots , as well as weddings.

Madeline and Mado Photo have our vote here at The Adaptive behavior and look forward to seeing more of her work  throughout the rest of the year.

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