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Model Watch – The Adaptive Behavior Top 5 Models for 2017

With the first quarter of 2017 just about over and fashion week is now behind us, it is safe to say we can expect to see these 5 faces a lot throughout the year. With over 200+ catwalks combined under their belts at fashion week… Jess PW, Jessie Bloemendaal, Camille Hurel, Emm Arruda, and Lia Pavlova all participated in at least 40 shows with Jess PW as the lead lady with 46. As many of you know, some of the worlds most familiar faces— Naomi Campbell, the Hadid sisters and of course our favorite Tyra Banks, all started where these ladies are and have broken down many barriers for high fashion models. And what these five ladies, mentioned above, just accomplished is another benchmark for aspiring models, male and female alike, to strive for.

We should also give kudos to modeling agency Women Management as they represented 3 of the 5 top models at fashion week.

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Jess PW | HighFashionModel | FashionWeek

Jess PW

Jessie Bloemendaal | HighFashionModel | FashionWeek
Jessie Bloemendaal

Camille Hurel | HighFashionModel | FashionWeek
Camille Hurel

EmmArruda | HighFashionModel | FashionWeek
Emm Arruda

LiaPavlova | HighFashionModel | FashionWeek
Lia Pavlova