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Canada Takes Home The Gold Medal at Rio Opening Ceremony

Canada Shows Off Highly Anticipated Opening Ceremony Outfits

With the 2016 Rio Olympics now upon us after last nights beautiful opening ceremonies; it is clear that countries and athletes alike are using the games as a platform to acknowledge the very important environmental and societal issues plaguing their respective countries as well as the site of this years Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brizal. It’s hard because on one hand you feel for the athletes that have given their blood, sweat and tears for a  chance to perform on the most honorable sports stage. We as American’s tend to forget how fortunate we are to be able to actually decide on if we want to participate in the Olympic Games due to the professional salaries that are earned and an extremely deep and talented alternate pool. For most other countries athletes, the Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity and waiting 4 years till the next games is not an option. On the other hand you look at the Olympic committee and the countries involved and think…How in the hell can you allow to put our world’s best athletes in thee middle of so much danger and pollution. We all are aware of the  popular Zika Virus, which native Brazilians are now growing immune too, but when there are reports body limbs floating around in the raw sewage and violence lurking around just about every corner outside the immediate venues its mind boggling that there was no way to get the games moved. BUT with all that said, the athletes that participated in last night’s opening ceremonies put all the outside noise aside and represented their countries with class and all the style!

Canadian designers, Dan and Dean Canten (@dsquared2) and the popular Hudson Bay, stood on the top of the podium taking home opening ceremony gold after showcasing their street wear inspired Canada Olympic Collection. The Canadians walked in to Maracanã Canada | Parade f Nations 2016 Olympics Rio | The Adaptive BehaviorStadium looking nothing short than just plain cool. The team competition was close as the American’s rocked a classic Ralph Lauren stripped sweater, blue blazer and the highly recognizable white pants. Cuba who was well taken care of in chic, khaki, navy, and red uniforms emblazoned with the countries flag courtesy of Christian Louboutin and of course the South Korean athletes who will be wearing Zika Proof uniforms for the duration of the games.

Although their are many story lines with this years Olympics it still remains a heartfelt moment when you see the athletes representing their native countries in threads inspired and designed by one of their own 🙂 .

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