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Dolce&Gabbana Follows Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Home of The 2016 Summer Olympics and Dolce & Gabbana First Boutique

Dolce & Gabbana follows the world’s best athletes this summer to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro as the mega brand opens it’s very  first boutique in the very popular Rio Village Mall.  There can definitely be something said about perfect timing  as the 375-square meter store is home to men and women collections and will undoubtedly be a hot spot for the many tourist that will be flooding streets for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. For the specs, right as you enter the boutique you can find the latest accessories. Men and women’s apparel can be found on display throughout the boutique while the center houses shoes and jewelry. Ladies evening wear and men’s formal wear also have a dedicated section that completes the aesthetic blend of clothing, accessories, jewelry and décor.

Dolce then decided to separate themselves form the pack with floors made of Sahara Noir marble. While the walls are covered with gold brocade with an imperial yellow marble façade. ‪#‎DGLovesRio‬

High fashion Store | Dole Gabbana | Rio de Janeiro

Fashion boutique | Dolce Gabanna | Rio De Janeiro