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“Now You See Me” (High Contrast Black and White Fashion Shot)

Chasing The Perfect Exposure

As you very well may know from a lot of my work, I am a huge advocate of black and white photography. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy colored images but there is something about the challenge of a capturing a perfectly exposed grey scale image. The “Now you See Me” series was intended to push myself to not only produce a perfect exposures but it was in fact my first shoot using a macro lens….I think it was like a 70 -210mm Minolta coupled with my baby Sony A-series. Again, I pulled some inspiration from Melissa Rodwell’s 2010 Genlux spread due to how she was able to display such elegance yet combined it with harsh shadows… True blacks and arguably blown out whites are second to none.

I was shooting in a pretty large garage so I had plenty of space, as it was all needed. I had three Profoto D1 strobes; One on the white sweep, beauty dish as the key light and I had the subject looking into a 5ft strip softbox (which was a lot cooler than I expected). Although my whites are somewhat hot and I almost lost the blacks on the backside of the subject, I don’t feel like it is too overwhelming.

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Camera – Sony A-200

Lens – Minolta 70-210mm 

Lighting – 3 light set up ( Profoto D1). Beauty dish and strip softbox

Location – Studio B (Flagstaff, Az)

Model – NA