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Using Natural light In It’s Purest Form

Male Black & White Portrait: Natural Light

This image is  by far a favorite of mine. I was shooting with my Canon 60D using a 70-200mm L Series lens that I was fortunate enough to borrow from a buddy of mine. We were shooting in Flagstaff, AZ  in a loft apartment with windows that let in the perfect amount of natural light. I wasn’t planning on shooting inside but I figured, why not take advantage of the rare window lighting (I’m never so lucky). The subject did a stand up 5 star job as well, very handsome cat which made my job as a photographer so much easier. The image is a bit over exposed but shit…I thought it looked better that way so I decided to leave it be and in my opinion it turned out pretty good. During post production I made some slight adjustments; bumping the shadows down and the highlights up a bit and rounded everything out by converting it to black and white….Gives it a little bit more of an edge — right?? Yea.

Flagstaff was good to us and provide the perfect opportunity to be creative and be individuals by doing what we love. That’s all we can ever ask for!

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