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The Adaptive Behavior Wishes Coco Chanel A Happy 133rd Birthday

Cee Elle Dedicates a Poem to Coco Chanel on Her Birthday

I have always admired the story and almost mystic being of Coco Chanel. With her becoming a pioneer for french women couture in the early 1900’s, it set the bar for fashion designers who would soon follow.  I wanted to do something a little different so I decided to write a poem and reveal some of the unknown about Coco Chanel. The Poem is exactly 133 words. She would have been 133 on Today.


I’m known as Coco Chanel
Gabrielle in my own right mind
Soldier for French haute couture
and the German’s from time to time
Being the epitome of beauty
casual, chic, sporty and feminine
I was in my own world
one in $19 billion.
disappearing acts featuring hard times.
Nothing about the one bedroom lodging
bastard of a child
Second to only Julia.
It wasn’t glamorous, chic, sporty or feminine
It was stark, frugal, poor reject type of regimen…

I just wanted to be a lovely lady
and I was.
Strong minded and never phased.
I also was.
Nazis tried to take the N5 from us.
so was it so bad to position myself
as an Aryan of such?
I Choose Brand over my name
and at the end of the day
Coco Chanel Remains.

— Cee Elle

Happy 133rd Coco. We all love you 🙂

Coco Chanel Birthday_1970_The Adaptive Behavior

I was also Inspired by the mini documentary Chanel released in conjuction with Coco Chanel’s Birthday. Photographer Alex Prager, Cécile McLorin Savant, Reshma Saujani and women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi round out the cast of a timeless and powerful piece of work. Discussing hardship, the challenges of working in a male dominate workforce and much more the ladies of the film do an extraordinary job illustrating their paths as they liv u to the mantra of Gabrielle “Coco ” Chanel.

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”


Celebrate Coco’s Brithday